Welcome to
the enel-med
online system


Easily arrange visits and manage your account

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Simple and intuitive visit arrangement and cancellation.

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The possibility of viewing the history of past and planned visits.

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Ordering prescriptions and medical documentation without leaving your home.

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User-friendly management of your child’s account by connecting it to the parent’s account.

And on top of this:

  • a simple and intuitive interface,
  • a printable schedule of planned visits,
  • re-appointment for a visit from the history tab,
  • the possibility of viewing the status of placed orders (prescriptions, medical records),
  • special offers.

How to log in to the system?

Logowanie 1

At the next visit to an ENEL-MED centre, please collect your new online login to your mobile at our reception desk (your ID and an active telephone number are needed for this procedure).

Logowanie 2

At any time, please log to the website and activate your account with the new login from the text message and set your password.

Logowanie 3

Log in with the new login from the SMS message and use the ENEL-MED online system.